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Ben, David, and Phil Sign Endorsement Deals with Solar Guitars!!!

Ben, David, and Phil have all signed endorsement deals with Solar Guitars, a compony founded by Youtube personality Ola England. The band is stoked to be playing exclusively Solar instruments and have added a few comments regarding the recent partnership.

Ben Kaiser stated about the company, "Solar Guitars are unrivaled in the metal guitar world. By far the most playable guitars I have ever played. Riffs just sort of flow out of these guitars and the inspiration is endless". Nisoff added, "When I first started playing Solar Guitars, I knew right away that these guitars would be the perfect weapons...Playing leads and solos all over the neck of the guitar is unbelievably astounding and relaxing". Additionally Phil Funderburk added, "The Solar AB bass has a powerful metal tone right out of the box. The unique design and playing versatility make it my go to axe for writing, recording, and full volume shredding".

Each member's artist page can be viewed with the links below. Additionally visit for additional information.




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